An Affordable Luxury

A Culligan water softener is an affordable luxury for you and your family! Soft water is one of those unusual opportunities where you can improve your life and save money, too!

Softer skin, cleaner clothes, no more soap scum and save $$$ on soap/detergents.
 Smart HE

Aquasential Series

> Starting at $40.00 per month

  • WiFi Connected on our Smart HE
  • Managed on your smartphone on our Smart HE
  • Ultra-efficient
  • Legendary customer service
  • Soap savings alone pays for monthly cost
  • Highest quality systems available

Water in Our Homes

We all use water in many places throughout our homes. The chlorine, hardness, spots, scaling, staining and tastes and odors make their way into multiple areas of our homes. All of those undesirables end up on our skin and in our hair, in our clothes, on our shower fixtures and doors and generally cause problems. They force you to spend time, money and energy, buy more cleaning products and even replace your appliances sooner.

So, find out why thousands of satisfied Culligan customers worldwide know: a Culligan water softener is one of your family’s best investments for quality water throughout your home!

FULL SERVICE (Rental) and OWNERSHIP (Purchase) OPTIONS are available on a variety of models!