Water Analysis

The Culligan water lab is one of the TOP water labs in the country. The Culligan Lab analyzes 29,000 samples a year with a typical 3-day turn around time for standard water analysis. The lab employs 5 chemists with over 80 years of combined laboratory experience and is certified in National Environment Laboratory Accreditation program. The many test the lab offers include:

Healthy Home Bacteria Analysis (Well Water Test)

Healthy Home Annual Analysis (Realtor Test)

Healthy Home Expanded Annual Analysis

Healthy Home Gold Annual Analysis

Healthy Home Series Three Analysis 


We are offering water testing services that address a variety of residential and commercial concerns. Whether your water comes from a private well (well water) or from a public water supply (city water), we have water analysis packages that will help you determine the water quality in your home. For new and existing homeowners who have a well as their water source, Culligan and the EPA advise testing your well annually.